Why Choose Comcash?

CompuTech has partnered with Comcash to deploy their Point of Sale (POS) solution at numerous locations in several different applications, and has a working relationship with the company and contributes to the development process including beta testing new features.

Comcash truly brings a complete solution that CompuTech highly recommends to its clients for both restaurant and retail applications. CompuTech can assist with converting your existing system to Comcash, as well as provide cost effective solutions for the PC systems that are necessary to run the software.

Point of Sale

A Unified Retail Commerce System begins with the Comcash Cloud Retail POS Software optimized for fast checkout so the fewest steps possible are required to scan products, select products from a menu, and take all forms of payment. Comcash also supports more complex situations where you may need to manage customers, take multiple payments over time on held orders, or review your inventory availability across all your outlets. The POS System keeps running offline if you lose connection to the Internet or the Cloud and then it syncs the offline sales later.

Mobile Inventory Scanner

COMCASH ERP includes a perpetual, real-time Inventory Management System optimized to manage multi-location inventory. Multi-site ordering from a central site is enabled through auto-restock and allocated orders. Transfers can be automated or require verification before inventory is updated. Buyers will receive a low stock notification when it’s time to re-order.


mPOS allows for retail line busting and restaurant table-side ordering and payment. Using an iPhone in the mobile sled would allow a merchant to sell anywhere and manage customers and inventory along the way. The mPOS app is tied into the Comcash Cloud Admin portal using the same API as our standard POS application.

If you are interested in learning more about the Comcash Point of Sale solution, or how it could possibly benefit your business. We are here to help, please call us toll-free at 877-797-8094 or click the Call button (on Smartphones).