Telecom Partners

CompuTech has partnered with major telecommunication companies, in doing so we are able to fight to get the best rates for our clients. Once a client provides us the physical address of their business we can request quotes from over 60+ telecommunication companies to get the best rate for our clients.

Main Infrastructure

Our company will assess the number of devices, networks taps, and access points you will need or have installed. Based on what we find we will then recommend how many subnet groups that should be established, and how many routers and/or switches that need to be installed.

Wired Network Taps

Whether your setting up a new office building, or moving into a new home. Our company is standing by to wire your new home, or business. Using our established relationship with our suppliers we are able to keep pricing lower thanks to cost savings on cabling.

Wireless Access Points

Our company deploys enterprise level access points that each support up to 64 devices, and in optimal conditions the signal from each access point can reach up to 6oo feet. In large businesses or residences we can deploy additional access points to increase the range of your wireless network, or to allow more devices to connect to your network.

If you are interested in learning more about our Network Solutions, or how they could benefit your business. We are here to help, please call us toll-free at 877-797-8094 or click the Call button (on Smartphones).